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    1. 柴油發電機組Diesel Generator Set


      Shandong Weituo Group Co., Ltd, with more than 50 years developing history, are focus on professional design, manufacturing, sale and service of 5kw-2000kw diesel generator sets and water pump sets. The products have 3 main series of stationary type, mobile type and trailed type, and have multi-functions of common type, 4-protection type, automatic control type, remote control type, low-noise type, parallel type, grid-connected type, which main property and parameters can satisfy the GB/T2820.5-2009 standard. The diesel generator sets, with the characteristics of strong power, safety, reliability, steady performance and diversified control mode, have reach top level among China same industry, are well-received in both home and abroad market, are exported to Southeast Asian area, Africa and European countries and are widely applied in UN peace-keeping force. 

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